Which Civil War Regiments Were The Lucky Ones?

Jun 7, 2021
Some units suffered terrible battle casualty rates (First Minnesota) or had assignments in locations that led to a high rate of misery and disease (Vicksburg). Which regiments, North or South, drew the lucky cards and after serving in relatively safe areas, came marching back home mostly intact? Is there any known political maneuvering involved in keeping some regiments out of harm's way?


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May 29, 2019
Dublin, Ireland
I had occaison to look at some of the history of the 4th New York Heavy Artillery recently.

The volunteer unit left NY in Feb. 1862 and was assigned duty in the defenses of Washington DC till March 1864. Essentially no enemy contact in that period.

The regiment was transferred to the AoP and saw action in the Overland Campaign and in the Petersburg and Appamattox campaigns.

Total killed or mortally wounded during the war --108. Seems kind of low given the unit enlisted about 2,000 men total.

It must have been very difficult for Heavy Artillery soldiers. They went from none to limited action with the enemy to the front line. I remember reading about the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery at Cold Harbour , they suffered terrible losses including their Colonel Elisha Strong Kellogg.