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Mar 19, 2019
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wow!!! that Delorean's been sitting for a while.......note flat spots on the tires, something not safe to drive............
The thing was, I took the photo in a neighborhood with prime real estate. This was only a block or two from the Kenmore estate. The entrance to the Confederate Cemetery sat on the opposite side of this same street. It's not as if I found this in some back alley.


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Aug 5, 2011
As crazy as this sounds, if I had one spot to go back in time to, it would be at Pickets charge with Armistead.
This sounds like an unfilmed Twilight Zone episode.

Or Purgatory.

Or perhaps even Hell, to spend eternity on the tipping point of a forlorn hope only to have it perpetually snatched up and wiped away with cannister and minie balls.

It's all now you see. Yesterday won't be over until tomorrow and tomorrow began ten thousand years ago. For every Southern boy fourteen years old, not once but whenever he wants it, there is the instant when it's still not yet two o'clock on that July afternoon in 1863, the brigades are in position behind the rail fence, the guns are laid and ready in the woods and the furled flags are already loosened to break out and Pickett himself with his long oiled ringlets and his hat in one hand probably and his sword in the other looking up the hill waiting for Longstreet to give the word and it's all in the balance, it hasn't happened yet, it hasn't even begun yet, it not only hasn't begun yet but there is still time for it not to begin against that position and those circumstances which made more men than Garnett and Kemper and Armistead and Wilcox look grave yet it's going to begin, we all know that, we have come too far with too much at stake and that moment doesn't need even a fourteen-year-old boy to think This time. Maybe this time with all this much to lose than all this much to gain: Pennsylvania, Maryland, the world, the golden dome of Washington itself to crown with desperate and unbelievable victory the desperate gamble, the cast made two years ago; or to anyone who ever sailed a skiff under a quilt sail, the moment in 1492 when somebody thought This is it: the absolute edge of no return, to turn back now and make home or sail irrevocably on and either find land or plunge over the world's roaring rim.”
― William Faulkner, Intruder in the Dust
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Aug 12, 2011
What happened to James ? I don't find him buried in Jackson County or any records for him here (but do see a James in Lincoln County of the correct era). As you may know I do restoration work and research at an historic cemetery in Jackson County. I am always interested to hear about those who came out on the wagon trains. As you say, they don't make them that tough any more.
He left Jackson County for Yachats and homesteaded on a mountain overlooking the ocean, he found a spot so beautiful he told his family "when I croak, plant me here" and not too long later he was struck by a tree he was cutting down and was killed, and the family followed his wishes,

Aug 25, 2013
Hannover, Germany
This time. Maybe this time with all this much to lose than all this much to gain:
My thoughts exactly whenever I watch "Gettysburg".

As for going back, kill me, but I would love to be a plantation mistress for one day, bulky dress and corset included, sitting lazily on the shady porch of my wonderful Greek Revival mansion with a glass of cool lemonade in my hand, listening to all the charming talk from JEB Stuart who just came to visit ...
(I should have said Robert E. Lee, because he would fit my actual age more and was equally charming with ladies, but going back I would still be 25, lol!)

Not the greatest wish I ever had, but I think it would be nice.