Where Did The USCT Soldiers Go After The War?


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Mar 22, 2009
Collierville, TN
After the close of the war, the 111th & other USCT units in Middle TN mustered out. There was still plenty of work to be done at the cemetery a few miles from the courthouse square in Murfreesboro.
Interesting details of the 111th USCT. The remnant of the 6th USC Heavy Artillery were merged into the 111th USCT(new).
When I moved into West Tennessee, I was told that land in Fayette County—- just East of Shelby County & Memphis— were given to the freed blacks. It seems Fayette County was more rural than Shelby so they could start a farm. I never checked the validity of that statement but I saw census data that showed a higher ratio of blacks in that county.
I would like to know if land was offered in places around the big southern cities such as New Orleans.