What was the capacity of a standard Union canteen?


Jul 6, 2020
Philly Suburbs
I came across an account recently of a company celebrating St. Patrick's Day 1864 by polishing off 8 canteens of whiskey. Their Captain admitted that half the company didn't make roll call the next morning because they were so hung over.

I'm trying to estimate how many shots that was per man. (I'm guessing a lot.) However, I'm not clear on how much liquid could a standard-issue canteen hold. Can someone point me in the right direction?
May 1, 2015
Upstate N.Y.
The bullseye-pattern with its series of concentric rings began in 1861 as an effort to increase the durability of canteen equipment. Fluid capacity of the canteen was three pints and its liquid contents were kept cool by means of the damp or wet cover. According to Google