What Is The Name Of My Famous Twin Brother?


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May 7, 2016
I have a twin brother who gets a lot more attention then I do, even though I fired way more rounds then he did. Whats his name and where is he located?
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Dec 1, 2018
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You might mean "Whistling Dick", but according to Ripley he was an 18-pounder that was rifled and possibly banded (pg. 30.) Neither "The Big Guns" nor "Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War" list it, so it appears to have been lost. All Ripley says is "the 18- pounder rifled gun was sent to the rear lines."
Your photo of "Whistling Dick/Whistling Jack" (per Louisiana State Documents Digital Archive) is a Navy 32-pounder. The photo is still identified as "Whistling Dick" at the National Park service and the Library of Congress. Ripley believes that the 32-pounder at the Vicksburg Visitor Center (Bellona #647/Vicksburg NMP #367) is the same one in your photo.
Talk about a can of worms. Were you fishing?