What is the general review of how Alexander Lawton did at Antietam? How about


Aug 2, 2019
the Georgia brigade? I know that they lost much of their strength before Hood's crew came through.

Are their any good books that describe this brigade at Antietam?

Andy Cardinal

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Feb 27, 2017
Best book is probably Welker's The Cornfield. There arent many really good books about Lawton's/Douglass's brigade. I'm currently reading Hurrah For Georgia, which is a history of the 38th Georgia. It has a chapter dealing with Antietam.


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May 3, 2013
IMO Lawton performed as well as could be expected until he was wounded early in the battle. His troops, except for Early's Brigade which was detached to support Stuart's Cavalry near Nicodemus Hill, occupied positions previously held by Hood's Division after dark on September 16. Lawton had a two brigade front with his own Georgia brigade (Colonel Marcellus Douglass in command) the east of the Hagerstown Pike and Trimble's Virginia Brigade (Colonel James Walker in command) to their right. With the Federal attack commencing at daybreak on the 17th there was no chance to improve their position. As his command held off the initial attack Lawton brought Hays' Louisiana Brigade forward to support Douglass and advised Hood to prepare for action. At this point Lawton was seriously wounded and taken from the field.


Jan 30, 2020
Lawton brought his brigade from Georgia in early June and was sent to bolster Jackson's force in the Shenandoah Valley. At this time Jackson was contemplating a further offensive. Stonewall assigned the brigade to Ewell and Lawton succeeded to divisional command following Ewell's severe wounding at Second Manassas.
Can I second Andy Cardinal's recommendation of 'The Cornfield' by Welker as this book is specifically about Antietam.
There are regimental histories of 31st Georgia by Gregory White (which is classed as rare, so is quite expensive) and 61st Georgia which I think is edited by Robert Krick and is available in a kindle edition, but do not know if they cover the period in which Lawton was their commander.