What Is The First Documented Appearance Of The Rebel Yell?


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Jan 12, 2016
South Carolina
Random question: what is the first documented appearance of the rebel yell? What is the last? Was there a particular region where it was heard by those on the other side, or was it a Confederacy-wide occurrence?


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Nov 27, 2018
Chattanooga, Tennessee
I heard it through the wind during a terrible squall late one night on May 16, 1990 between the confederate line and the Yanks'. I was huddled up under a bridge overpass in Vicksburg taking shelter from the storm, and it was one of the most fearful moments I recall. I had to hide my eyes from it's passage of maniacal hysteria caught upon the night winds and rains, like rushing past in a vortex of a tornado. I know it is not what you are asking for, so the last time may have been upon the Gettysburg Anniversary when the old timers gathered, and meekly re-enacted their charge of Pickett's third day. I think Jackson mentioned somewhere early in the war that the troops yelled like demons. Best I can do.