What if you could be that proverbial fly on the wall for a single Civil War event?

Pete Longstreet

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Mar 3, 2020
Hartford, CT
If you were that fly on the wall, what single Civil War event would you want to witness? It could be anything, battles, Lee on horse riding by, Pickett's Charge...

For me, I would want to be in the McLean House on April 9th 1865. I would like to see and hear Grant and Lee discuss the terms of surrender. What they said, how they responded, body language, expressions and emotions. How the two men shook hands, their eye contact, etc.


Apr 4, 2017
Denver, CO
Lincoln and Grant met in Virginia on July 31, 1864. They sailed out to sea, because of the weather and to avoid over curious eavesdroppers. A. Fox accompanied Lincoln. Grant took only John Rawlins with him. It must have been a frank and constructive meeting. Because three major and one additional significant operation followed. No one ever spoke about it publicly, so we can all conjecture about what was said.


Jun 6, 2021
Since there has never really been a totally accurate account of the meeting between Lee and Stuart, when he finally showed up at Lee's HQ on July 2nd, would be fascinating to hear what Lee actually said (and his tone of voice) to Stuart.
You took mine! I guess my second would be what Lincoln and Lorenzo discussed after they received word of Gen. Halleck's firing of Grant.