What American Civil War Books Are You Planning On Buying/Reading Next?

R. Evans

Jan 19, 2013
Salem, Ohio
Forgive me if there is a thread like this around. I did a search and couldn't find anything.:smile:

So here goes. These 3 should be here tomorrow or Saturday. Can't wait to dive in.​


Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Just picked up:

Laurence Freiheit's "Boots and Saddles" Cavalry during the Maryland Campaign of September 1862.

"A Grand Terrible Dramma" from Gettysburg to Petersburg: The Civil War Letters of Charles Wellington Reed

The Maryland Campaign of September 1862 Vol 2 by Ezra Carmen edited by Thomas G Clements

To Antietam Creek The Maryland Campaign of September 1862 by Scott Hartwig

Mark F. Jenkins

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Mar 31, 2012
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Parker was a naval officer of considerable prewar experience who had also been an instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy. After some initial service in the James River/Hampton Roads area (during which he witnessed the Battles of Hampton Roads), he became the commandant of the Confederate Naval Academy, for which he personally wrote many of the texts used in the curriculum. His memoirs, Recollections of a Naval Officer, are considered a classic (and are a good read-- Parker was an interesting and frequently entertaining writer), and has been reissued a number of times by the Naval Institute Press.

His was a literal brother-vs.-brother situation, as his father and brother, both named Foxhall and both also naval officers, remained with the Union. According to William, Foxhall (the younger) was initially the secessionist and William the Unionist, and they argued and ended up each convincing the other. (!)


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Feb 20, 2005
Been looking for a copy of "Embattled Arkansas; The Prairie Grove Campaign of 1862" by Michael E. Banasik and finally find a copy I could afford. It came in today and am looking forward to reading it.
Excellent book. Read it back in 2003, preparing for a Trans-Miss. muster. Think I need to drag it back out and read again.


Feb 6, 2012
WINCHESTER 1864 looks like a good un; this was third battle and it pretty much ruined Early and the Southern cause in the Shenandoah Valley. Early seemed to have been overconfident, and Sheridan made him and the citizens of the valley pay dearly.
The other later area of my interest, is the retreat of A.N.V. from Petersburg in '65; a valiant and doomed finish.


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Dec 31, 2009
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Just started reading a book I found in a free pile. "Bloody Crimes: The Chase for Jefferson Davis and the Death Pageant for Lincoln's Corpse" by James Swanson. Anybody read it?

Yes, and I liked it. Almost ended up with some sympathy for Davis. :smile: It made a good companion piece to all my Booth reading this year.