Discussion West Point versus European military academies.

major bill

Brev. Brig. Gen'l
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Aug 25, 2012
During the pre Civil War era how did the U S. Military Academy stack up when compared to Eurpean military schools?

West Point seemed to concentrate on miltary engineering skills as opposed to war fighting. I am not sure the focus of European military schools.

Robin Lesjovitch

Dec 16, 2018
I think it is fair to say that West Point educated cadets for service in the US Army, and did it well. And , generally produced more officers than were needed.
Military schools in other countries trained and educated for other armies. I'm not sure that a comparison is fair. In Britain, Sandhurst and Woolwich trained different sets of cadets for different jobs. But they both trained for British service, or with colonial armies. While there was a fair amount of common schooling, A British officer could have difficulty with US service, and likewise a US officer with British service.
I would not want to make comparisons.