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West Point Graduates who Participated in the Civil War

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NameBellum AlleganceClass RankClassHighest rank
Joseph Gilbert Totten:tinyus34:N/A1805Brigadier General USA
William Gates:tinyus34:N/A1806Colonel USA
Sylvanus Thayer:tinyus34:N/A1808Colonel USA
John James Abert:tinyus34:N/A1811Colonel USA
Gustavus Loomis:tinyus34:N/A1811Colonel USA
René E. De Russy:tinyus34:N/A1812Colonel USA
Lewis Gustave De Russy:TinyCS1Nat:N/A1814CS Colonel
Charles Spencer Merchant:tinyus34:N/A1814Colonel USA
James Wolfe Ripley:tinyus34:N/A1814Brigadier General USA
Charles Mynn Thruston:tinyus34:N/A1814Brigadier General USA
Benjamin L.E. Bonneville:tinyus34:N/A1815Colonel USA
William H. Chase:TinyCS1Nat:N/A1815CS Colonel*
Samuel Cooper:TinyCS1Nat:N/A1815CS General
Thomas J. Leslie:tinyus34:N/A1815Major USA
John Symington:tinyus34:N/A1815Colonel USA
Ethan Allen Hitchcock:tinyus34:N/A1817Major General USV
James D. Graham:tinyus34:N/A1817Colonel USA
Richard B. Lee:TinyCS1Nat:N/A1817CS Colonel
Angus McDonald:TinyCS1Nat:N/A1817CS Colonel
Hartman Bache:tinyus34:19 of 231818Colonel USA
Harvey Brown:tinyus34:6 of 231818Colonel USA
Richard Delafield:tinyus34:1 of 231818Brigadier General USA
Henry Brewerton:tinyus34:3 of 291819Colonel USA
Justin Dimick:tinyus34:11 of 291819Colonel USA
Daniel Tyler:tinyus34:14 of 291819Brigadier General USV
William Morris:tinyus34:30 of 301820Colonel USA
George D. Ramsay:tinyus34:26 of 301820Brigadier General USA
Daniel Tompkins:tinyus34:10 of 301820Colonel USA
John Henry Winder:TinyCS1Nat:11 of 301820CS Major General
Charles Dimmock:TinyCS1Nat:5 of 241821CS Brigadier General
John Joseph Abercrombie:tinyus34:37 of 401822Brigadier General USV
William Cook:tinyus34:6 of 401822Brigadier General*
Campbell Graham:tinyus34:9 of 401822Major USA
Walter Gwynn:TinyCS1Nat:8 of 401822CS Brigadier General*
David Hunter:tinyus34:25 of 401822Major General USV
Joseph King Fenno Mansfield:tinyus34:2 of 401822Major General USV
George Archibald McCall:tinyus34:26 of 401822Brigadier General USV
Thompson Morris:tinyus34:31 of 401822Lt. Colonel USA
John Pickell:tinyus34:16 of 401822Colonel USV
Isaac Ridgeway Trimble:TinyCS1Nat:17 of 401822CS Major General
George Wright:tinyus34:24 of 401822Brigadier General USA
David H. Vinton:tinyus34:14 of 401822Lt. Colonel USA
Edmund Alexander:tinyus34:33 of 351823Colonel USA
George Andrews:tinyus34:19 of 351823Lt. Colonel USA
George H. Crosman:tinyus34:30 of 351823Colonel USA
Hannibal Day:tinyus34:23 of 351823Colonel USA
George Sears Greene:tinyus34:2 of 351823Brigadier General USV
George Nauman:tinyus34:8 of 351823Lt. Colonel USA
Joseph R. Smith:tinyus34:22 of 351823Major USA
Lorenzo Thomas:tinyus34:17 of 351823Major General USA
Electus Backus:tinyus34:28 of 311824Colonel USA
Dennis H. Mahan:tinyus34:1 of 311824see note >
Dixon S. Miles:tinyus34:27 of 311824Colonel USA
Robert Anderson:tinyus34:15 of 371825Brigadier General USA
Alexander Bowman:tinyus34:3 of 371825Colonel USA
Osborne Cross:tinyus34:26 of 371825Lt. Colonel USA
Daniel Smith Donelson:TinyCS1Nat:5 of 371825Major General
Benjamin Huger:TinyCS1Nat:8 of 371825Major General USV
William Reading Montgomery:tinyus34:28 of 371825Brigadier General USV
Nathaniel H. Street:TinyCS1Nat:23 of 371825unknown
Charles Ferguson Smith:tinyus34:19 of 371825Major General USA
Washington Seawell:tinyus34:20 of 371825Colonel USA
William A. Thornton:tinyus34:12 of 371825Colonel USA
John Archer:TinyCS1Nat:25 of 411826Captain
Edwin B. Babbitt:tinyus34:28 of 411826Colonel USA
William H.C. Bartlett:tinyus34:1 of 4118262nd Lieutenant USA
Silas Casey:tinyus34:39 of 411826Major General USV
Thomas Jefferson Cram:tinyus34:4 of 411826Colonel USA
Francis L. Dancy:TinyCS1Nat:10 of 411826unknown
Amos Beebe Eaton:tinyus34:36 of 411826Brigadier General USA
John Breckinridge Grayson:TinyCS1Nat:22 of 411826Brigadier General
Samuel Peter Heintzelman:tinyus34:17 of 411826Major General USV
Albert Sidney Johnston:TinyCS1Nat:8 of 411826General
Nathaniel C. Macrae:tinyus34:33 of 411826Major USA
Augustus J. Pleasonton:tinyus34:20 of 411826Brigadier General*
Edward B. White:TinyCS1Nat:9 of 411826Colonel
James A.J. Bradford:TinyCS1Nat:4 of 381827Colonel
Napoleon B. Buford:tinyus34:6 of 381827Major General USV
Philip St. George Cooke:tinyus34:23 of 381827Brigadier General USA
Isaac Lynde:tinyus34:32 of 381827Major USA
William Maynadier:tinyus34:3 of 381827Colonel USA
Gabriel James Rains:TinyCS1Nat:13 of 381827Brigadier General
Leonidas Polk:TinyCS1Nat:8 of 381827Major General
Ebenezer Sibley:tinyus34:1 of 381827Lt. Colonel USA
Thomas Stockton:tinyus34:16 of 381827Colonel USV
Thomas Worthington:tinyus34:12 of 381827Colonel USV
Robert E. Clary:tinyus34:13 of 331828Colonel USA
Jefferson Davis:TinyCS1Nat:23 of 331828President
Thomas Fenwick Drayton:TinyCS1Nat:28 of 331828Brigadier General
Joseph L. Locke:TinyCS1Nat:8 of 331828Major
Hugh Weedon Mercer:TinyCS1Nat:3 of 331828Brigadier General
Richard Tilghman:tinyus34:2 of 331828Lt. Colonel*
Crafts J. Wright:tinyus34:31 of 331828Colonel USV
James Barnes:tinyus34:5 of 461829Brigadier General USV
Albert Gallatin Blanchard:TinyCS1Nat:261829Brigadier General USV
Benjamin W. Brice:tinyus34:401829Colonel USA
Joseph Smith Bryce:tinyus34:71829Captain USV
Catharinus Putnam Buckingham:tinyus34:6 of 461829Brigadier General USV
Sidney Burbank:tinyus34:17 of 461829Colonel USA
Albemarle Cady:tinyus34:24 of 461829Colonel USA
Thomas Alfred Davies:tinyus34:25 of 461829Brigadier General USV
Seth Eastman:tinyus34:22 of 461829Lt. Colonel USA
William Hoffman:tinyus34:18 of 461829Colonel USA
Theophilus Hunter Holmes:TinyCS1Nat:44 of 461829General
Franklin E. Hunt:tinyus34:20 of 461829Major USA
Joseph Eggleston Johnston:TinyCS1Nat:13 of 461829General
Robert Edward Lee:TinyCS1Nat:2 of 461829General
Lewis C. Hunt:tinyus34:33 of 461829Brigadier General USV
Ormsby MacNight Mitchell:tinyus34:15 of 461829Major General USV
Thomas H. Neill:tinyus34:27 of 461829Brigadier General USV
Caleb C. Sibley:tinyus34:28 of 461829Colonel USA
Thomas Swords:tinyus34:23 of 461829Colonel USA
Thomas L. Alexander:tinyus34:29 of 421830Lt. Colonel USA
Lloyd J. Beall:TinyCS1Nat:25 of 421830Colonel
Albert Taylor Bledsoe:TinyCS1Nat:16 of 421830Colonel
Robert Christie Buchanan:tinyus34:31 of 421830Brigadier General*
Meriwether Lewis Clark:TinyCS1Nat:23 of 421830Colonel
William C. Heyward:TinyCS1Nat:26 of 421830Colonel
Jesse H. Leavenworth:tinyus34:22 of 421830Colonel USA
John Bankhead Magruder:TinyCS1Nat:17 of 421830Major General
George W. Patten:tinyus34:36 of 421830Lt. Colonel USA
William N. Pendleton:TinyCS1Nat:3 of 421830Brigadier General
Edwin Rose:tinyus34:14 of 421830Colonel USA
Robert H.K. Whitely:tinyus34:13 of 421830Lt. Colonel USA
Jacob Ammen:tinyus34:12 of 331831Brigadier General USV
William Chapman:tinyus34:15 of 331831Lt. Colonel USA
Samuel Ryan Curtis:tinyus34:27 of 331831Brigadier General USV
William Hemsley Emory:tinyus34:14 of 331831Major General USV
Andrew Atkinson Humphreys:tinyus34:13 of 331831Major General USV
Albert Miller Lea:TinyCS1Nat:5 of 331831Colonel
Thomas Jefferson McKean:tinyus34:19 of 331831Brigadier General USV
Lucius Bellinger Northrop:TinyCS1Nat:22 of 331831Colonel
Horatio Phillips Van Cleve:tinyus34:24 of 331831Brigadier General USV
Henry Van Rensselaer:tinyus34:20 of 331831Colonel USA
Charles Whittlesey:tinyus34:32 of 331831Colonel USV
James S. Williams:TinyCS1Nat:28 of 331831Unknown
James V. Bomford:tinyus34:34 of 451832Colonel USA
Philip St. George Cocke:TinyCS1Nat:6 of 451832Brigadier General
George B. Crittenden:TinyCS1Nat:26 of 451832Major General
Albert G. Edwards:tinyus34:45 of 451832Brigadier General*
Benjamin S. Ewell:TinyCS1Nat:3 of 451832Colonel
Richard G. Fain:TinyCS1Nat:20 of 451832Colonel
Erasmus Darwin Keyes:tinyus34:10 of 451832Major General USV
Richard Caswell Gatlin:tinyus34:35 of 451832Brigadier General USV
Randolph Barnes Marcy:tinyus34:29 of 451832Brigadier General USV
John Navarre Macomb, Jr.:tinyus34:14 of 451832Colonel
Humphrey Marshall:TinyCS1Nat:42 of 451832Brigadier General USV
William H. Pettes:tinyus34:23 of 451832Colonel USV
James H. Simpson:tinyus34:18 of 451832Colonel USA
Lorenzo Sitgreaves:tinyus34:25 of 451832Lt. Colonel USA
Danie P. Whiting:tinyus34:28 of 451832Lt. Colonel USA
Benjamin Alvord:tinyus34:22 of 431833Brigadier General USA
John Gross Barnard:tinyus34:2 of 431833Brigadier General USV
George Washington Cullum:tinyus34:3 of 431833Brigadier General USV
J. Lucius Davis:TinyCS1Nat:16 of 431833Colonel
Henry Du Pont:tinyus34:21 of 431833Major General*
David Bullock Harris:TinyCS1Nat:7 of 431833Colonel
Thomas Johns:tinyus34:38 of 431833Colonel USV
Rufus King:tinyus34:4 of 431833Brigadier General USV
Roswell W. Lee:TinyCS1Nat:8 of 431833Colonel
Abraham C. Myers:TinyCS1Nat:32 of 431833Colonel
George Hay Ringgold:tinyus34:33 of431833Lt. Colonel USA
Daniel Ruggles:TinyCS1Nat:34 of 431833Brigadier General
Henry L. Scott:tinyus34:41 of 431833Colonel USA
Edmund Schriver:tinyus34:17 of 431833Colonel USA
Alexander E. Shiras:tinyus34:20 of 431833Brigadier General USA
William H. Sidell:tinyus34:6 of 431833Lt. Colonel USA
Henry Walton Wessels:tinyus34:29 of 431833Brigadier General USV
Julius W. Adams:tinyus34:DNG1834Colonel
Robert T.P. Allen:TinyCS1Nat:5 of 351834Colonel
Joseph L. Coburn:tinyus34:25 of 351834Captain, USA
James Cooper:TinyCS1Nat:17 of 351834Lt. Colonel
Cary H. Fry:tinyus34:20 of 351834Major USA
Charles A. Fuller:TinyCS1Nat:10 of 351834Colonel
Goode Bryan:TinyCS1Nat:25 of 351834Brigadier General
William Scott Ketchum:tinyus34:32 of 351834Brigadier General USV

Cullum's Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, since its establishment in 1802
West Point Officers in the Civil War at Civil War in the East
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