★  West, Joseph Rodman

Joseph Rodman West

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Born: September 19, 1822

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Father: Charles Shute West 1796 – 1857
(Buried: Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.)​

Mother: Isabella Leavitt Howard 1801 – 1853
(Buried: Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.)​

Wife: Jeanne J. West 1827 – 1896
(Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia)​


Marion Somers West Unknown – 1903​
(Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia)​
Jeannie Belle West Wood 1853 – Unknown​
Lt. Colonel Parker Whitney West 1858 – 1947​
(Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia)​


1836 – 1837: Attended University of Pennsylvania​

Occupation before War:

1841: Moved to New Orleans, Louisiana​
1847 – 1848: Captain of Maryland and D.C. Volunteers, Mexican War​
Proprietor of the San Francisco Price Current Newspaper​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Lt. Colonel of 1st California Infantry Regiment​
Took part in the recapture of Arizona and New Mexico Territories​
1862: Colonel of 1st California Infantry Regiment​
1862 – 1866: Brigadier General of Union Army, Volunteers​
Led expedition against the Apache Nation
Commander of the Union Army District of Arizona​
1864: Division Commander during the Red River Campaign​
1865: Cavalry Commander in Department of the Gulf​
1865: Led division from Shreveport Louisiana to San Antonio, Texas​
1866: Brevetted Major General for his service in the War​
1866: Mustered out of the Union Army on January 4th

Occupation after War:

1867 – 1871: United States Marshal in New Orleans, Louisiana​
1867 – 1871: Auditor of Customs in New Orleans, Louisiana​
1871 – 1877: United States Senator from Louisiana​
1875 – 1877: Senate Chairman of Railroads Committee​
1882 – 1885: Member of District of Columbia Commissioners​
1882 – 1883: President Washington, D.C. Board of Commissioners​
1894 – 1898: Suffered from Paralysis Agitations, and Senility debility​

Died: October 31, 1898

Place of Death: Garfield Hospital, Washington, D.C.

Cause of Death: Paralysis agitations, and asthenia

Age at time of Death: 76 years old

Burial Place: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
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South Texas
Mangas Coloradas did not survive the night of capture at Fort McLane. The "official report" states he was killed trying to escape but evidence says he was being tortured by the guards with red-hot bayonets. A witness claimed that West instructed the guards that he did not want the Apache still alive by morning. Most believe that Mangas Coloradas was murdered by the California Volunteers. An interesting book by Dee Brown, "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" gives more detIails.