US -Wells, James Madison - Governor of LA

James Madison Wells:
Born: January 7, 1808

Birthplace: Alexandria Louisiana
Father: Samuel Levi Wells 1764 – 1816
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Calvit 1777 – 1809
Wife: Mary Ann Scott 1816 – 1899
(Buried: Rapides Cemetery Pineville Louisiana)
Captain Thomas Montfront Wells 1836 – 1925
(Buried: Colfax Cemetery Colfax Louisiana)
Mary Elizabeth Wells Burges 1838 – 1930
(Buried: Rapides Cemetery Pineville Louisiana)
Charlotte Frances Laulette Wells Snowden 1840 – 1917
(Buried: Wilmer Memorial Cemetery Rapides Louisiana)
James Madison Wells Jr. 1842 – 1897
(Buried: Rapides Cemetery Pineville Louisiana)
Levi Wells 1844 – 1876
(Buried: Rapides Cemetery Pineville Louisiana)
Courtenay Calvit Wells Weems 1853 – 1934
(Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery Washington D.C.)
Bessie Gordon Wells 1859 – 1948
(Buried: Rapides Cemetery Pineville Louisiana)

Political Party: Whig/Democrat and Republican Parties


Attended St. Joseph College
Attended Partridge’s Academy
Attended Cincinnati Law School

Occupation before War:
Plantation Manager in Rapides Parish Louisiana
Owner of Cotton Plantation called New Hope near Alexandria LA.
Owner of Sugar Plantation on Bayou Huffpower in Louisiana
Sheriff of Rapides Parish Louisiana
Large Slave Owner in Louisiana
1860: Supporter of Stephen A. Douglas for President Campaign

Civil War Career:
Arrested by Confederate Officials for his sympathy for the Union
1863: Remarked “General Stonewall Jackson should be buried in a gum coffin and that the bottom plank might be very thin”
Organizer of a Band of Jayhawks so he could attack Supply trains
1863: Moved to New Orleans when it became Union Occupied
1864 – 1865: Lt. Governor of Louisiana
1864: Supporter of Compensated Emancipation at state convention
1865 – 1867: Governor of Louisiana

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1867: Governor of Louisiana
Was in Conflict while governor with General Nathaniel P. Banks
Appointed Former Confederates to state and local offices
Supporter of dismantling public education in Louisiana
Supporter of using only taxes paid by blacks for freedmen’s schools
Supporter of building new levees, new capitol building & state prison
1866: Did little to prevent the riots in Louisiana over black suffrage
1867: Removed from Office as Governor by General Phil Sheridan
1867 – 1899: Lived at his Plantation at Rapides Parish Louisiana
1872: Supporter of Grant’s reelection as President of United States
1870’s: Known as a Scalawag and as “Mad Wells”
Louisiana State Chairman of Louisiana State Returning Board
1874 – 1880: United States Surveyor for Port of New Orleans Louisiana

February 28, 1899
Place of Death: Rapides Parish Louisiana
Age at time of Death: 91 years old
Burial Place: Rapides Parish Cemetery Pineville Louisiana
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
The governor of Louisiana, Michael Hahn, resigned on March 4, 1865 and Lt. Gov. Wells took his place. Hahn resigned to take his seat in the U.S, Senate.When Welles was elected as governor the following November it was on the Citizen Party ticket.