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Jul 30, 2018

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Other Notable Biographies forum! :wavespin:

My name is Lu and I am honored to be the new host for this forum. One of the things that fascinate me about the Civil War is the many different backgrounds of the people who were involved: Whether they were professional soldiers, politicians, lawyers or simply farmers – they fought together for what they believed in.

So far, to me, the forums feels a little like a catch-all for biography threads that fit nowhere else. Let’s change that and post about interesting participants of the war. I plan on posting new biographies every week to breathe some (new) life into the forum. But I encourage you all to start looking at the less known men who wore the blue and the grey and to share with us what you find. Whether they won a medal for their gallantry, built railroads to develop the infrastructure, sat in government or explored the west – their deeds deserve being brought to our collective attention. And let’s not forget about the sailors, nurses and doctors whose contributions to the war effort were invaluable.

You don’t know where to being, who to pick? I agree, it is a daunting task; there were thousands of participants in the Civil War, on both sides. Luckily, we have dedicated members giving us names and even pictures, always a good start. I find these threads especially inspirational:

Some already sport a short introduction. But let’s dig a little deeper, let’s see what else these men were up to in their lives before and after the war.

There are also lots of short biography stubs in The Civil War from A to Z. Let’s expand these.

Or maybe you have an ancestor who fought in the Civil War and whose life story you always wanted to share? This is the place. :smile:

Looking forward to dust off the cobwebs and learn more about the countless Civil War veterans.

Your humble host and obedient servant, :smile:

PS: As a plus, researching these men and women should provide plenty of information for Trivia questions. :wink: If you ever wanted to help out @ami by sending questions but were drawing a blank what to ask, here’s your opportunity to remedy that. She’ll love you for keeping Trivia going and going and going . . .

PPS: If you now think 'this sounds familiar,' you're not having a déjà vu. I've reposted my welcome post as a separate thread.

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Jan 24, 2017
Great introduction, Lu, and great idea! So many of those worthy of attention never seem to receive it, and this will certainly help raise their profiles. I really hope folks get on board with this one, and you're a bomb at research yourself, so I'm sure you'll be able to add plenty as well.

Good luck amigo :wavespin:

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