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Sergeant Major
Aug 6, 2016

Welcome to the Mid-19th Century Life Forum. The Civil War encompassed just 4 years of the 1800’s yet for those 100 years there was history. From the beginning of the century were events that grew and led up to the 4 years that changed the United States forever. Future Civil War soldiers were babies, children and young adults; young men were attending West Point, there were marriages, children, military careers and a war with Mexico, there were farmers, shoe makers, factory workers and they were all building a foundation for the men and women from the north and south that would climax on that April day in 1861.

During the war were the struggles, the tears, heartbreak and joys that would pave the way for the remainder of the 19th century. The technology, medical, transportation and communication advances that came out of the war would manifest into a changing society moving forward.

In this thread we try to capture the people and events that shaped their lives and made the ordinary into extraordinary. Through stories, pictures and letters we glimpse into the lives of the people during those 100 years; to experience the culture, share their joys and triumphant as they lived and died during that remarkable century in American history. We look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone that has insight into the events that shaped the Mid-19th Century.
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