Book Review Weird Civil War by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman

Desert Kid

2nd Lieutenant
Dec 3, 2011

Man, do I have a fun one for the forum. A bit of a preface, this is a spinoff of the Weird NJ (Weird New Jersey!). An oddities website that follows ghost stories, abandoned asylums, cemeteries, UFO's, bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, you name it in the Garden State. I've been a fan of it for years. Eventually the two Marks branched out from Jersey and hit many Civil War sites from Virginia to Texas.

This book covers several sites from Green Eyes at Chickamauga, to the purported Confederate ghost near Fort Buhloh in Pineville, Louisiana. To the goofy Forrest statue outside of Nashville. Jack Hinson, Dead Man's Hole in Texas and the Tri-State Spook Light on the Arkansas/Oklahoma/Missouri border.

Definitely a good read.