CS Con -Watkins, William Wirt - C.S. Delegate, AK

William Wirt Watkins Sr.:
Born: April 1, 1826
William Wirt Watkins.jpg

Birthplace: Jefferson County Tennessee
Father: Isaac Jones Watkins 1788 – 1840
(Buried: Branner Cemetery Jefferson City Tennessee)
Mother: Margaret Jane “Peggy” Chamberlain 1799 – 1878
(Buried: Private Land in Karnes County Texas)
1st​ Wife: Mary W. Crump 1828 – 1866
(Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery Harrison Arkansas)
Married: Around 1850 in Georgia
2nd​ Wife: Elmyra “Myra” Wilson 1849 – 1931
(Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery Harrison Arkansas)
Married: 1866

Isaac Jones “Ikey” Watkins Jr. 1853 – 1858
(Buried: Carrollton Cemetery Carrollton Arkansas)
Lou L. “Lura” Watkins 1861 – 1928
(Buried: Gaither Cemetery Gaither Arkansas)
William Wirt Watkins Jr. 1865 – 1925
(Buried: Freeling Cemetery Bellefonte Arkansas)

Breckinridge Watkins 1869 – 1936
(Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery Harrison Arkansas)
May Watkins Milum 1872 – 1962
(Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery Harrison Arkansas)
Walker J. Watkins 1877 – 1953
(Buried: Mission Burial Park South San Antonio Texas)
Carolyn Temperance “Carrie” Watkins Tyson 1880 – 1956
(Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery Harrison Arkansas)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Carroll and Boone Counties in Arkansas
1852: Owner of 170 Acres of land in Talbott Arkansas
1856: Arkansas State Senator
1858: Arkansas State Senator
1858: Author of a poem about his son Ikey Watkins before Ikey drowned.
1860: Arkansas State Senator

Civil War Career:
1861: Fought Secession and proposed Arkansas send delegation to the border state Convention.
1861: Started Supporting Secession after Lincoln’s Call for soldiers.
1861: Carroll County Delegate to Arkansas State Secession Convention
1861: Peace Delegate at First to the Arkansas State Secession Convention. Starting in May he would switch vote for Secession.
1861 – 1862: Arkansas Delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress.
1861 – 1862: Member of Inauguration and Commerce Committees.
1861 – 1862: His voting record in Congress shows distrust for central authority.
1861 – 1862: Disliked any form of taxation and opposed aid to railroad construction.
1862: Choose not to seek a term to Confederate Regular Congress.
1862 – 1865: Attorney in Carroll and Boone Counties in Arkansas

Occupation after War:
Attorney in Boone County Arkansas
1866: Arkansas State Senator
1878 – 1882: Arkansas State Senator

Died: January 15, 1898
Place of Death: Harrison Arkansas
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Age at time of Death: 71 years old
Burial Place: Carrollton Cemetery Carrollton Arkansas