Uniforms Was this Detroit Light Guard symbol used during the Civil War?

major bill

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Aug 25, 2012
I was wondering if the symbol in the upper left hand corner of this lithograph was used by the Detroit Light Guard before or during the Civil War era?

Before the Civil War the Detriot Light Guard was nicknamed "The Tigers" and wore a "tiger" insignia on their caps however I have not seen a phonograph that shows their cap insignia clear enough to to be sure this version was used during the Civil War. In fact, although blurry, their cap badges look more like a simple tiger head. Again the 'tiger' plate on the cartridge box belt is not clear enough for me to know what it exactly looked like. I have a feeling that the symbol in the top left of this lithograph is the style used after the Civil War. Also the Detroit Light Guard was in the 1st Michigan Three Month Volunteer Infantry Regiment and were discharged long before they could have worn the badge see on the top right of the lithograph.

A fun fact: It appears the Detroit Tigers professional baseball team was named after the Detroit Light Guard 'Tigers'.