Limited Was it legal to allow absentee Union soldiers to vote?

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Aug 25, 2012
I guess this would in part depend on the State Constitution and I am not sure the U.S. Supreme Court ever ruled on this. In my home state of Michigan the Legislature passed the Soldier Voting Act in 1864 on a straight party-line vote. Allowing absentee voting by soldiers appeared to violate the Michigan Constitution. On January 28, 1865 the Michigan Supreme Court in People ex rel. Twitchell v. Blodgett ruled the act unconstitutional. The ruling can to late to stop the absent Michigan soldiers from voting in the presidential election of 1864 and the vote could not be undone.

I was wondering how many other Union states allowed absent soldiers to vote and if every state's courts ruled these acts to be
unconstitutional? I am not sure allowing absent soldiers to vote effected the outcome of the 1864 election.