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Jan 11, 2006
Hurricane WV
Hello to all
I am looking to find a unit to join in the Charleston, West Virginia area. I am completely new to reenacting and looking forward to doing it. I dont really have a preference as to which side (north or south) all though my GGF lived in Smyth Co. Va before the war. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email is TLK112@Charter.net
Thanks again
Historicaly Correct

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Sergeant Major
Feb 20, 2005
Mt. Juliet Tennessee "The City Between The Lakes"
Historicaly Correct, first off welcome to the Forum. I hope you like it here..

2nd of all here are few links to get you started.

I dont know any of theses folks but found them by doing a quick search on yahoo .. Surley one of them can help to you get started on the right path.

Best of Luck and I look forward to seeing you on the field.



7th West Virginia Infantry Co. A (US)
1st West Virginia Cavalry, Co. C (US)
2nd Virginia Infantry, Co. D (CS)
5th Virginia Infantry Co. G (CS)
5th Virginia Infantry Co. K (CS)
6th West Virginia Cavalry and 17th Virginia Cavalry (US & CS)
11th Virginia Cavalry Co. F (CS)
13th Virginia Infantry, Co. I (CS)
27th Virginia Infantry, Company G, The Shriver Greys (CS)
The Civil War Field Hospital Association (US & CS)

33rd Virginia Infantry, Company D
Charles Town, WV / Winchester, VA area
Contacts: Captain Tony Morgan [
1st. Sgt. Craig Anderson [

36th Virginia Infantry, Co. A (CS) (old website niot sure if they are still around )
Contact: Capt. Mike Sheets, 1399 14th Street, Huntington WV 25701
Phone: 304-525-5065

The Kanawha Artillery (aka Jackson's Horse Artillery) (CS)
Stonewall Jackson Reenactment Unit
2nd Virginia Infantry, Company A
10th West Virginia Infantry, Company F
Contact: Capt. Sam Krafft, PO Box 721, Weston WV 26452

1st Battalion, Confederate States Marine Corps
Contact: Captain Shane M. Tharp, Chief of Staff
Mailing address: 1718 Pride Avenue, Clarksburg WV 26301

Other places that might be able to help you

Kanawha Valley Civil War Roundtable
Meets third Tuesday of each month, September through May, at 7pm at the South Charleston Public Library.

West Virginia Mason-Dixon Civil War Roundtable (Morgantown area)
Meets third Tuesday of each month.
Paul Stevenson, Forest J. Bowman and Edwin F. Flowers

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln GAR Post 1 Camp # 1863
Contact: Richard L. Byrd, P. O. Box 2003, Martinsburg WV 25402
Meets every 3rd Wed. of each month at the Belle Boyd House, 126 East Race Street Martinsburg at 7PM -9 PM.
Web site: http://www.geocities.com/coawvhg/

West Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)
Chuck Walker, Division Commander
573 Butlers Chapel Road, Martinsburg WV 25401
Phone: (304)754-7259

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Berkeley Border Guards Camp #199, Martinsburg, WV
Chuck Walker, Commander
Don Silvius, Adjutant [
Meets at the Berkeley County Historical Society Archives Building, Race Street, First Wed. of each month.

Sons of Confederate Veterans, Shriver/Stewart Camp 1810
Morgantown, WV

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp Robert S. Garnett, 1470
Contact: Commander Greg Michael
1123 10th Street, Huntington WV 25701

Sons of Confederate Veterans
"Flat Top Copperheads", Camp No. 1694
PO BOX 1846, Princeton WV 24740
Richard D. Lockhart, Adjutant

Sons of Union Veterns
7th West Virginia Infantry Camp # 7
Robert E. "Bob" Williams, commander
HC 72 Box 29-E, Franklin WV 26807-9307
Phone: 304-358-2789
rbtwms@hardynet.com Meets 1st Thursday of every month at 7pm in Franklin or a nearby town.

Order of the Bonnie Blue, Phoebe Warner Chapter
PO Box 887, Franklin WV 26807, phone: 304-358-3261
OrderBonnieBlue@msn.com or pendhist@mountain.net

Most Civil war Reenactments are put on reenactors themselfs so here a list of events for 2006 that I hope are close by that you could vist the reenactors there or talk to the people puting on the event.

So for information on reenactments, visit:
Calendar of Events for the West Virginia Reenactors Assocation

Also check out the A state born by a Nation torn by Civil War
Which will give you a events calender and Civil war sites to visit..

Dec 28, 2005
Seabeck, Washington

Welcome aboard.

It's interesting that you don't possess a preference regarding your reenacting. I suspect you're rare in that regard. I'm not a reenactor myself, but it seems to me that if you joined a unit identified with the less well represented side in the locale where you live, that your unit's "services" in reenactments would be at a bit more of a premium. I'm not saying that with "capitalistic" motivation. I'm just suggesting that it seems to me that you might have additional opportunities to reenact if you enlist in the army that is in the minority where you reside. Also, it goes without saying that once you invest the dollars in equipping yourself as a Union or Confederate soldier/trooper/sailor/marine... it would be easier transferring to another "regiment" on the same side, should you move. Of course, even during the war itself there were those who made the radical switch between the different allegiances, so anything remains possible.


Regimental Armorer
Feb 20, 2005
South of the North 40
5th IA, a good number of re-enactors are willing to "galvanize" and represent the other side... I can't as my father would skin me alive and as I had no family on the other side of the aisle I wouldn't be honoring them. Though I have never been to an event where CS troops were a minority... Good impressions on both sides are vital even more so for me as the first really high quality re-enactors I saw were CS troops... they made quite a lasting impression... to the point where I can barely recall the desigantaion of the Wi unit I was representing but the 4th Alabama will always be a fav unit of mine. Frankly, there aren't all that many units (Union or CS) that could claim such a record.
Oct 16, 2005
Bellville Tx
Howdy from Texas!!

Glad to see your intriested in reenacting, I have been in the hobby for 3 years now and its a personal joy doing it. I do not know many units over yonder in that part of the USA (god bless her) But I do know excellence and highly reecomended sutler to get you started. His prices are reasonable and they are really nice, Hope this helps in some way!! And welcome to the board!!! :thumbsup:

Jan 11, 2006
Hurricane WV
Many Thanks

The warm welcome and the information has been great. I have spent many hours scouring all the sites and reading all the information about reenacting. I have given much thought about which side to be on and came up with this: I am a native West Virginian and I would like to be in a unit formed after WVa succeeded for Virginia. So I guess that would make me a Federal unit although I dont know of any Confedarate units that were formed after WVa became a state. Thanks again for everyones help and understanding. Hope to see ya on the battlefield someday.
Historicaly Correct
Oct 16, 2005
Bellville Tx
Yah most West Virginainas were federal becuaus 95% wanted to secede from the south, and if there were any confedetate units before she seceded from the csa and if they were stll loyal the csa they would have probaly have jumped the west virginia/virginia border and joined a unit over there.

Glad to see your intriest hope yall have a great time amputating limbs! :smile:

and maybe yall will carry me off the battlefield some day!! :angel:

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