Wandering to Glory

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Feb 20, 2005
Using diaries and letters by the veterans of Evans' Brigade, editor DeWitt Boyd Stone Jr. paints the picture of the Evans' Brigade from inception to the surrender at Appomattox.

Keeping his personal commentary at a minimum, Stone allows for the vets to relate their experience in their own words. It's almost as if reading a diary with the minimal drudgery about the weather, sickness, bad food, etc. You'll still get some of it as it can't be avoided but you won't get bored by it as selective editing by Stone leaves the essence without the clutter.

One interesting tidbit I was never aware of was the awarding of the Southern Cross of Honor to an ex-slave by the UDC. On page 175 you'll find a picture of Caleb Grover who brought Col. Dantzler's body home after he was killed. While this is not unusual in itself as there are many instances of faithful servants bringing their master's body home for burial, that he received an award is. Kudos to him and the UDC.

Check it out at your library.