CS Con -Walker, Richard Wilde Sr. - C.S. Congressman, AL

Richard Wilde Walker


Born: February 16, 1823

Birthplace: Huntsville Alabama

Father: US Senator John Williams Walker 1783 – 1823
(Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Alabama)

Mother: Matilda Pope 1791 – 1835
(Buried: Church Street Cemetery Mobile Alabama)

Wife: Mary Ann Simpson 1828 – 1914
(Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Alabama)

Married: June 18, 1846 in Lauderdale County Alabama


John Simpson Walker 1849 – 1931
(Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Alabama)
Margaret Walker Bolling 1851 – 1932
(Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Alabama)
Richard Wilde Walker Jr. 1857 – 1936
(Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Alabama)
Brother: CS Secretary of War Leroy Pope Walker 1817 – 1884
(Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Alabama)

Political Party: Democratic Party


Attended Spring Hill College
Attended University of Virginia
1841: Graduated from Princeton University

Occupation before War:
Attorney in Huntsville and Florence Alabama
1845 – 1848: District Solicitor in Florence Alabama
1851: Alabama State Representative
1855: Speaker and Member of Alabama State House of Reps.
1859 – 1861: Alabama State Associate Justice of Supreme Court

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1862: Alabama Delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress
Administrated the Oath of Office to President Jefferson Davis
Served on the Constitution Committees
Approved of the Davis Administration except the produce loan.
1862: Choose not to be a candidate for reelection to Congress.
1864 – 1865: Confederate States Senator from Alabama
Proposed to ban the destruction of property subject to capture.
Proposed to pay market prices for impressed goods
Proposed to let states trade with the enemy.
1864 – 1865: Strongly against increase of power for President Davis.
Refused to hamper army’s procurement of men and supplies.
1864 – 1865: Member of Senate Commerce Committee
1864: Member of Senate Engrossment and Enrollment Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of Senate Judiciary Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of Senate Public Buildings Committee
1865: Temporary Member of Senate Post Offices and Post Roads
1865: Proposed to double the tithe on agriculture.
1865: Favored initiating peace negotiations
1865: Voted to arm and then free slaves.

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1874: Attorney in Huntsville Alabama

Died: June 16, 1874
Place of Death: Huntsville Alabama
Age at time of Death: 51 years old
Burial Place: Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Alabama but no record can be found of his burial at Huntsville Alabama Library nor has a tombstone ever been located.
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South Texas
I was not aware that as a senator from Alabama he succeeded Clement Clay.Was Clay defeated by Congressman Walker in an election or did he choose not to run for a second term? From what I gather he lost the reelection.