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Voices From the Kitchen:
A Collection of Antebellum and Civil War Era Recipes From Period Receipt Books

by David W. Flowers - @Albert Sailhorst

Published March 3, 2018
Belatedly Launched on CWT on 8/6/2019

"Voices From the Kitchen" is an historically researched work, containing over 400 recipes for food and drink, and 25 recipes for perfumes, soaps and hair care. Utilizing 19 period sources for these recipes, the Antebellum through Civil War periods are represented, spanning from 1807 through 1864. Additionally, interspersed throughout the book are quotations from the soldiers and civilians regarding their food, thus providing the “Voice” from the kitchen.

Presented in this book is a delightful variety of recipes for breakfasts, soups, main courses, drinks, desserts, bread, pickled goods, sauces, ketchups and salad dressings and recipes that are specific to the holidays, as well as recipes for perfumes, soaps and hair care products.

"Voices From the Kitchen" is written for the family cook, those curious about history and for the Civil War reenactor/Living Historian. "Voices From the Kitchen" was written with the intention that it be used in the kitchen or around a campfire, in order to give readers, their families and friends the tasty experiences of culinary smells and tastes of those who came before us.

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