Podcast Visiting the Battle of Gettysburg

Feb 3, 2021
I've posted a few times in this thread before about the Walking History podcast I run, and I'm excited to say I recently visited and recorded an episode on The Battle of Gettysburg. Visiting the location today is *stunning* - the battlefield is magnificently preserved, the tours you can do there are as excellent as one could hope for, and the town of Gettysburg itself is a real treat to spend some time in.

The episode I released goes into lots of detail about the battle, its leadup and aftermath, and what it's like to tour the terrain Union and Confederate forces were fighting over. Hopefully it helps bring its history to life, especially if you're too far away to visit for yourself.

Feel free to share and leave any questions or comments down below, or just shoot me a dm!

Link: https://www.theeducatorpodcast.com/walking-history