Visiting battlefields with my son-Malvern Hill, Gaines' Mill, Cold Harbor


Aug 4, 2020

This past August I began a journey with my son to take him to historical places, mostly of which will consist of battlefields in Virginia. I've attached a few photos, but if you want to see more click the link below. I also shot a short video at these sites (plus Yorktown) with some "historical context." Enjoy and hopefully you'll join me on our adventures!
My son leading me onto Cold Harbor trails.

Earthworks still visible at Cold Harbor

Gaines' Mill

Gaines' Mill

Malvern Hill from Union perspective

Taken at Malvern Hill Federal artillery line


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Mar 15, 2013
Fantastic @timothynargi I love that you are taking your young son to these places. Your video provides such a unique perspective and I enjoyed very much the juxtaposition of the soldier quotes with the video of your son experiencing the places. I found it so inspiring. I hope that more parents are showing their children these historical places too.


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Sep 4, 2017
Thanks for posting these interesting photos. Your son will always remember this trip. My dad took me and my siblings on a tour of CW battlefields and museums when I was 15. Now that he is gone I have great memories of that trip and my dad.

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May 23, 2018
Nice video and photos. We went on a family vacation when I was 9 and visited many places from Virginia to Maine. Seeing the cannon and limbers at Manassas changed my life . All these decades later I'm still fascinated with history.
Jun 27, 2017
I know your son had to have had a ball. Unfortunately if you don't soon post about taking him to G'burg and Antietam, I'll regretfully have to report your for child abuse. Oops almost forgot to include the Bull Runs. The great thing about those 3 is that you can envision the entire battle and how it developed from beginning to end.

I don't know if your son is the lucky one because he has a dad to take him on such a great adventure or the father who can see how much his son is enjoying the outing.

Keep it up.


So glad to see you and your son are having these times together. From my experiences, these trips and the time learning together will be the memories he will carry into the future.
Not sure of how large of a circle on the map you are considering visiting - but, do look into Pea Patch Island, Old NewCastle, Odessa, Old Drawyers Church, Friend's Meeting house outside of Odessa, Thomas Garret’s home, Old Swede’s Church and more all in Delaware.

Your son can climb the same stairs as an escaping enslaved man named Sam and can see where he was hidden when those chasing him came into the house searching for him. ( The National Parks Service shows this location as part of the Underground Railroad and there are primary sources from the child who was in the home at the time Sam arrived. She gave a talk to a historic group in the ‘20’s-‘30’s along with there being a letter Sam sent back to the homeowners thanking them for harboring him and then giving him a quilt and some money and sending him safely to the next stop. )There’s so very much in this area concerning the Underground Railroad that I’ve got so many locations I’d gladly share with you for you to consider for more trips. Sadly, those in MD and DE don’t seem to realize the history they pass by daily. It’s truly incredible.
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