Vicksburg surrender, good or bad for the confederates


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Nov 12, 2016
The surrender at Vicksburg did not prevent cross river commerce or individual traffic. It did relieve the confederacy of trying to defend fixed positions vulnerable to combined US army/naval operations. Mobile was far more important to the confederacy than Vicksburg and the surrender freed the confederates to fight a mobile defense in the Alabama/ Mississippi theater. Note confederate forces in the theater didn't surrender at end of war until well after Lee/Johnston.


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May 7, 2016
After New Orleans fell, keeping the Miss river open was important as the areas of North Louisiana and Ark plus all the goods and troops from Texas as well as items that came into the Texas coast were very important. The fall of Vicksburg also saw the loss of almost 40,00 troops and all the weapons and ammo.

Tom Hughes

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May 27, 2019
The Confederates could've held out a little longer....but not much longer. The siege was taking its toll on the soldiers as well as the civilian population. The Southern hope was for Johnston's Army of Relief to come through and that never happened. Pemberton didn't know where he was and communications were cut off.
In hindsight, the Confederates were fortunate enough to be paroled. Many re-joined the army and fought in the east. But the loss of Vicksburg was the ultimate defeat.


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Jul 28, 2015
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In addition to the fine points noted by @TomHughes and @BillO, subjugating the garrison of Vicksburg released the federal AotT to operate on the next important strategic axis: Chattanooga to Atlanta. Vicksburg was always a thorn in the side of complete federal control of the Mississippi River, given that most of the river system from New Orleans in the south and Memphis in the north were in Union hands by the spring of 1862. It took another year to get at Vicksburg, an effort that had to be accomplished in order to turn attention to defeating the 2 major Confederate armies in Tennessee and Virginia.

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