Vicksburg Surrender Day & My Family Tree

Dec 31, 2010
Kingsport, Tennessee
Honoring East Tennessee kinfolk on Vicksburg Surrender Day.

Henry Carter Blakely:
(Paternal 2 x great-granduncle). Probably the youngest (born 1835) of at least six children born to James & Rebecca Arants Blakely. Henry's oldest brother, William, and William's oldest son, James were Union soldiers in the 1st TN Cavalry. Another brother, Andrew Jackson Blakely, my paternal grandmother's grandfather, served in the Union 8th TN Cavalry. Jackson was captured in East Tennessee on Oct.19, 1863. He died a P.O.W. in Danville, Virginia in 1864. His sister, Elizabeth's son, James Short also in the 8th TN Cavalry, died of wounds received during the siege of Knoxville. Henry served in Company B 61st TN from the fall of 1862 through the siege of Vicksburg. He was paroled at Vicksburg but soon after was hospitalized in Alabama. He died there, August 12, 1863.

Henry Blakely's Headstone Magnolia Cemetery Row 13, grave .jpg

Montgomery S. Copass: (Maternal 2 x great-granduncle) Enlisted Sept.25, 1862, into Company E 60th TN as a Sergeant. His brother, Richard was 3rd Lieutenant, another brother, John was a Private in Company E. They were both captured at Black River Bridge on May 17, 1863. Richard died on August 28, 1863, at Johnson's Island. John died Oct.4, 1863, at Fort Deleware. Montgomery was captured and paroled again at the Battle of Piedmont. He died in East Tennessee in 1900.

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Brothers, Ellison, Company K 31st/39th TN, James, Company A 59th TN, and William Land Company A 62nd TN. (2nd cousins 4 x removed paternal side). All 3 served through the Vicksburg campaign. All 3 were paroled at the surrender. Neither returned to the Confederate Army. Ellison remained in Tennessee. William and James went to Texas along with another brother, Tillman. Tillman Howard Land, Co.B 59th TN deserted the Rebel cause in December 1862. In Sept.1864 he enlisted in Company B Union 7th TN Mounted Infantry. Following the war, he joined his Rebel brothers in Texas. Ellison on the left as you view the photo. Tillman in the center, James on the right.
Land Brothers in Tennessee or Texas _.jpg

Jackson Simmons parole from Vicksburg
Confederate Jackson C. Simmons parole from Vicksburg.jpg

Jackson C. Simmons: Father of my maternal great-grandmother. Enlisted April 21, 1862, into the 3rd Maryland Light Artillery. The 3rd had been ordered to Knoxville, Tennessee, assigned to Reynold's brigade, and recruited several East Tennesseeans to help man their guns. Jackson served through the Vicksburg Siege. Paroled back to Tennessee he failed to report to parole camp and was declared deserted in December 1863. Managed to avoid the Rebels through the winter and spring of 1863-64. On July 4, 1864, He came out of hiding and enlisted in Co. F 3rd Tenn. Mounted Inf. U.S. Volunteers where he faithfully served till wars end.

Jackson Simmons enlistment in the Union Army
Jackson Simmons joins the Federal Army's 3rd Tn Mtd Inf.jpg
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