Vicksburg Museum is now OPEN - Grand Opening Today

Tom Hughes

First Sergeant
May 27, 2019
museum shells.jpg

The new Civil War Museum had its Grand Opening today in Vicksburg. The museum has a wide variety of military and civilian artifacts, in fact, the emphasis on the civilian and African-American experience in Vicksburg is what makes this museum unique in this historic city.
One of the impressive displays is that of the many type of artillery shells that rained down on the city during the siege in the summer of 1863.

museum me and charles.jpg

Me and museum owner, Charles Pendleton, share a photo

museum bugle.jpg

This bugle was dug by a relic hunter in Corinth, MS. Charles told me that it took 9 years for the relic hunter to find all the pieces, but he did, and he meticulously pieced it together.

museum guy plowing.jpg

As I mentioned earlier, the black experience was an important aspect to interpret in this museum. Here, a display shows a slave plowing in a cotton field.

museum slave cabin.jpg

A recreation of a slave cabin shows the everyday life of slaves in the deep south.

museum misc. artifact display.jpg

Battlefield pickups are displayed all over the museum walls.

museum ship.jpg

A model of the CSS Mississippi proudly sits in a display case. A nod to the Confederate navy contribution to the Southern war effort.

museum swords.jpg

One of several display cases of swords. Next to this case are several displays of rifles and pistols.

museum bottles.jpg

Impressive collection of period bottles. The large green bottle on the top shelf is a rare Cathedral pickle bottle.

museum buckles.jpg

Don't forget the buckles and plates worn by soldiers from both sides. This particular shelf shows some of the Confederate buckles in the collection.

The museum has a little bit of everything from entrenching tools, photos, hats and clothing, lots of bullets, slave tags, slave information, a restored jail cell, and so much more.
If you are coming to Vicksburg or even passing through you need to check out this museum. It's on Washington Street, just down from the Biedenharn Candy Company where Coke was first bottled.

Tom Hughes

First Sergeant
May 27, 2019
I don't think slave cabins had tin roofs, but it like everything else there looks great. I'll have to stop by there next time I pass through Vicksburg.
Good catch on the tin roof. I didn't even notice that. The museum owner made it from scrap wood, etc. and that is what he came up with. Kinda like a sharecropper's shack.

James N.

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Feb 23, 2013
East Texas
The shells are fantastic. He also has an impressive fuse collection, including a rare Bormann shell wrench.
Did you happen to find out where Mr. Pendleton got all his displays? I would expect that many of them had been loaned or donated.