USS Monitor Sinks Before The Battle Of Hampton Roads


Oct 3, 2020
What would happen next? Presumably the galena could be used next, but it is gust as likely to sink as the monitor and has much worse armor to boot, I'm fairly confident the Virginia could win that fight although I'm less sure if she could sink the Galena. Then comes the new ironsides which is a disent ship but very unmanuverable and would also probably face the Richmond as well by this point.

McClellan would likely have to cancel the peninsula campaign, and I don't know about the Urbana plan, if it can be used then thats probably whats going to happen (still means Norfolk stays in Confederate hands intill 63' though) if not then lincoln probably forces McClellan to launch a Overland Campaign which, isn't going to go well as @Saphroneth showed in his 1862 overland thread.