US Military casualties in the 1863 Draft riots....


Jun 16, 2015
Some years ago I was doing research on Military Units involved in the New York draft Riots of July 1863
Couldn't get in published...{rather not go into that story....} but thought I'd share a summary of research...I look upon it as a supplement to Adrian Cook book on the Draft Riots....

12th US Infantry-Co F and H several reported injured {one seriously}-3 named:
Cadro, Peter Sgt slightly wounded in hand
Kibbe Wallace {morris[?]--head injury
Krouse Pvt slightly wounded

U.S. Invalid Corps:
1st Battalion:
15th Company-1 injured/1 killed:
Allcock, John. Beaten and left arm broken
McKinna, John. Died of a skull fracture July 15,1863
19th Company-over 14 injured/1 missing believed killed
Kane, James. 4th Sgt. Age 25 "clerk" knocked senseless
Horlacker, Jacob. Corp. Age 47 "clerk" knocked down and beaten
Asmus, Frederick.Age 59 "Boiler"
Borchess, Ludwig. Age 42 "clerk"
Brunton, James. Age 40 "Laborer"
Dunn, Timothy. Age 49 "Carpender"
Hopps, James A.D. Age 19 "Plummer"Injured in face..knee cap fractured
Kavanagh, William. Age 44 "tailor"
Kober, Ernest. Age 33 "Dyer"
Neill William. Age 45 "clerk" buised about the face..fractured ribs
O'Keefe, Cornelius. Age 24 "Laborer"
Procter, Robert. Age 49 carpender. Missing belevied killed
Roedel, Charles. age 62 "keeper"
Rubsamen, Charles, age 44 "farmer" injured of head
Toby, John age 31 "Filemaker" scalp wound
43rd Company-1 injured:
{43rd Company aka 1st Company aka Company A, 21st Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps.}
Westermon, Ferdinard. Age 29 "waiter" Gunshot wound of left leg

Ft Columbus Permanent Guard: 4 injured {contusions}
Mc Grath, Edward . Sgt
Smith, Sgt
Lewis, Corp
Carey, Hugh

Ft Hamilton Permanent Guard: 8 to 9 injured
3 men badly injured and 5 to 6 slightly injured {names not listed}

4th Delaware Infantry: 1 injured
Price, Jacob wounded July 15, 1863 injury to head

New York Military units:
1st Vols: Maltsey/Mattsey, Henry. wounded on head
3rd Art: Howell, John. Capitan. July 17, 1863 old wound struck by stone parelizing arm few moments
5th Veterans:
2 killed {?}
Ukell, ....Capitan July 15, 1863 Killed
Brown, Lt july 15, 1863 Killed
{Possibly volunteer officers}
2 Injured:
Birdsall, Thornton
Terrasse, Emile. Lacerated wound/fractured skull..gunshot wound in arm
7th Infantry "Steuben Guard" 1 injured. Buhrer, Andreas/Andreas/Henry-beaten July 13, 1863
8th Heavy Art. 2 injured:
Harrington, John. gunshot wound in arm
Kolb, Charles. scalp wound
9th Hawkins Zouazes 1 injured. Austin,Myron Gunshot wound knee July 15, 1863
9th Veterans: 6 Injured.
Jardine, Edward colonel compound fracture of thigh July 15, 1863
White, John P. Assistant surgeon. Scalp wound, beaten and almost lynched July 15, 1863
Barber, Joseph. Facial contusions and gunshot wound-head
Smith, John. contused wound
Snedecker, Cornelius. contusion
Taylor William. Wounded on head
Part of Winslow/Jardine forces--1 injured. Lt Upton wounded July 15, 1863
11th State Vols: 1 killed 3 injured.
O'Brien, Henry. Colonel July 14, 1863. Killed
Joyce, "Michael" {Jeremiah{?} bruise contused wounds
Neill, Thomas wound on head
One man shot in foot
12th Artillery-at least 6 injured;
Brownstein/Brownsteimer, Geoffrey Fracture of the fibula
Clay, Henry. Scalp wound..bullet in arm
Fitzpatrick, Patrick contused wound on head
Galvin, Daniel.. bruises..contusion of the brain
Lucas, John .....contused wound on head
Woods,Martin..wounded on the head
13th Cavalry-2 killed 1 slightly injured
Davids, Charles. Sgt killed July 16, 1863 not July 15, 1863 {apparently a drawing of his body was shown in a contemporary periodical magazine}
Dalemetta[?}, Charles killed July 16, 1863 {note possibly mistake for Charles Danhauser who has no further record after enlistment March 16, 1863}
Tait, Alexander. Lacerated wound nose
17th Veteran Infantry: 1 died of wounds 4 injured
Jardine, Edward Col {injured officer[?}}
McLean, James contused wound on head
McMahon, Henry reported injured 14, 1863-also reported died July 18, 1863 draft riots {NY Adj Gen report}
Ruetteger, Joseph gunshot wound and hand-shot by officer as he tried to run away
Runk Mr. Severely wounded bullet in leg--part of winslow/Jardine forces{?}
Stoltz, Charles. Wounded on head
18th Cavalry 1 ill 1 injured
Mannelly [?] {Maloney} James ill with debility July 16 to Aug 4, 1863
Masden/Marden, Thomas . bayonet wound in thigh
20th -or 28th-Light Artillery 1 slightly injured july 15, 1863 bullet grazed head
25th Infantry: 1 Killed John C Henry killed July 15, 1863 {rioter{?}
31st Infantry: 3 injured:
Gerard, Nicholas bruises
Rennan,August. scalp wound
Roberts, Christopher gunshot wound in arm
37th infantry-1 injured; Callaghan Robert-gunshot wound leg
58th infantry-1 injured: Ahrens, H. Dislocated shoulder
152nd Infantry-1 injured: a negro servant of the regiment beaten. The assisslant suffered blow on the head from Captian Hill
178th Infantry-2 injured: Skinner, Alfred buises/contusions; Selleger, John scalp wound

New York National Guard staff: 1 injured
Fearing, Henry S. Major July 14, 1863 suffered a fractured head/lacerated wounds while leading a charge

New York national Guard units: 4 injured
7th NYNG: 2 injured:
Davis, Alexander July 16, 1863 buckshot wound in hand
Solgest, Augustus lacerated wound in hand

65th NYNG: 1 injured
Schwend, Adam slight knee injury

Civilan Vols 4 injured + 1 killed?
Kearney, Phillip died August 8, 1863 "soldier" {Volunteer civilian[?}
Orlando , Patrick seriously wounded July 15, 1863 {former officer}
Stern, Samuel contused wound head
One unnamed civilian shot in arm
One unnamed civilian shot in groin

Militamen- 6 injured
One unnamed militiaman -fractured ribs
Five unnamed militiamen with head wounds

2 Govt transport seamen: 1 injured, 1 died of injuries {Both African americans}
McConkley; Emanuel. Steward of tansport "Cadwallader". Beaten July 13, 1863
Williams, William. Seaman of transport "Belvidere". Beaten July 14, 1863. Died of injuries

of Interest:
"Atchinson" injured {serious}-unit not identied
Carpender, William Wallace of Co D 157th NY Infantry-died NYC July 17,1863-was not a casualty of the Draft Riots but of wounds in battle


Aug 11, 2015
Don't suppose they included anything on the wisconsin boys in there, did they?