Tell me more! Union and Confederate use of British Army Soldiers' Accoutrements

major bill

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Aug 25, 2012
We see a few British belts being worn in Civil War images, but how common were British Army Soldiers' Accoutrements? I take it most soldiers who carried Enfields use standard American amination pouches and cap pouches. Were any British waster bottles imported?

Anyone interested in British accoutrements might want to get this book. The book has some wonderful illustrations that show great detail.
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Old Breck

Jun 15, 2017
Garden City, Michigan
There are some English cartridge boxes attributed to various Confederate groups from both the ANV and AOT spanning the whole war.

The ordinance department in Richmond took expense pouches and cut them up and used the scraps to make cap pouches

Knapsacks like the Trotter and Issac and Campbell were pretty prevalent in any Confederate army