Uniforms Uniforms worn by the 1st Missouri Infantry (Confederate) at Pea Ridge.

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Aug 25, 2012
When ever I go the the Michigan Military Heritage Museum they let me in free because I am a veteran. So when I visit I try to purchase something or put a donation in their donation jar. I have ended up with a few of these Tin Kurtz uniform plates which Kurtz signed and donated to the museum to sell. This one is enlargement taken from a larger art work. It shows the Confederate 1st Missouri at Pea Ridge.

1st Misso.jpg

This is a basically a fun uniform plate, but I have to wonder how accurate it is. He wears a white shirt, dark vest, and black trousers. So step one is for me to find out what the 1st Missouri wore at Pea Ridge. The solder in the image appear to wear one bayonet on a belt over his shoulder and a second bayonet on his right side on a waist belt

Should I just keep this uniform plate as a fun uniform plate?
Sep 17, 2011
As far as accuracy, it's rather unknown, most Missouri units would have still been rather mismatched, any uniformity would have probably only been at company level.

And the 1st MO CSA regt wasn't at PR...

There would have been a 1st Missouri brigade with sub units then 7 Divisions of MSG that probably most of them had elements of both a 1st Mo Inf and a 1st Mo Cav as well...as some historians rather incorrectly refer to MSG as CSA as well..rather hard to tell what unit he even represents