---Uniform of the 1st South Carolina Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters in 1862?---


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Nov 20, 2012
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Here are a couple photos of soldiers wearing early war (1861-62) South Carolina state quartermaster issue uniform, similar to what you describe. But, as mentioned, the frock coats and navy blue forage caps were likely phased out by 1863.

Pvt. George P. McKagen.jpg

Pvt. George Phillip McKagen, 2nd South Carolina Infantry
(A History of the Second South Carolina Infantry by Mac Wyckoff)


"An enlisted man in the 46th Georgia Infantry sat for this portrait in the studio of celebrated Charleston, S.C., photographer George S. Cook. The image was likely made between September and December 1862, during which period the 46th was stationed in Charleston. On Dec. 10, the Georgians paraded through the city dressed in new uniforms and equipment supplied by the Quartermaster Department of South Carolina. The clothing and accouterments worn by this soldier are similar to others from the Palmetto State. He holds a Pattern 1858 Enfield rifle-musket with a tompion inserted into the end of the barrel to keep it free of rain and other corrosive elements. The soldier has reversed the metal letters and numbers on his cap to compensate for the photographic technology of the time."
(Military Images Magazine, summer 2016)

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