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Uniform fashions a closer look part 2.

Discussion in 'Civil War Uniforms & Relics' started by major bill, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. major bill

    major bill Major Forum Host

    Aug 25, 2012
    In the thread Uniform Fashions a Closer Look information was posted that showed some Civil War uniforms fashions had an "Austrian" influence. The design of the official Confederate uniforms is credited to Nicola Marschall a Prussian immigrant living in the South. It appears that Nicola Marschall used both mid century Austrian and French tunics as a basis for the Confederate uniforms. Confederate uniforms both followed the color and general style of Austrian sharpshooter uniforms. For example the rank on Confederate officer frock coat collars were very similar to the Austrian Army. The regulations called for the frock coat to have short skirts, but fashion concerns led officers to go to knee-length skirts and even enlisted frock coats were longer.

    Because many Confederate officers adopted French style kepis as opposed to Austrian style caps many people mistakenly view the Confederate officer uniform as being of French style when in fact confederate officer uniforms were heavily influenced by the Austrian Army. This is how British Lieutenant Colonel James Fremantle noted this during his travels through the Confederacy, remarking, "Most of the officers were dressed in uniform that is neat and serviceable - a bluish-gray frock coat of a color similar to Austrian yagers."
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