Uniform buttons of the Detroit Light Guard, also possibly Texas Lone Star Guards


Jul 14, 2019
Western Massachusetts
Just got these 1850's Detroit Light Guard buttons (Albert's MG 7Av, Tice's MG220As2) off Ebay for what I think is a reasonable price as the seller had them listed as buttons of the more common and less expensive New York Light Guard. But there are subtle differences in the letters on the face and the backmark that allow the two to be differentiated. The backmark on these is "H. BRO &ALLIEN / NY". Makes me wish I still had the pre-War Detroit Light Guard jacket (also pictured below) that I had picked up at a gun and knife show in the late 1990's. It was missing all the cuff buttons. Sold that in 2000 to help fund the construction of my new house. The collector who bought it said he was going to have it displayed in a museum in Michigan.



Some collectors believe that the Lone Star Guard of Texas (Company E, 4th Texas Regiment in the Civil War) also wore these buttons as the Regimental history says that prior to the War, the company captain, himself a merchant, went to New York and procured buttons for the company with the raised letters "LSG". No "LSG" buttons have ever been found by collectors, but a cuff button with the same "LG" face as the ones I've pictured has been dug in the area of a 4th Texas campsite, though the backmark was unreadable.

As an aside, has there ever been given thought to creating a trade/swap forum, or adding those headings to the Sutler Forum, where people could offer duplicates from their collections to trade with other members?

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