Unidentified Confederate Officer in Photograph

Sep 10, 2014
New Iberia, Louisiana, on Bayou Teche
I'm wondering if anyone has any idea who this Confederate officer might be?

This image comes from a personal collection in south central Louisiana, and was found recently among photos of past family members and family acquaintances; the current owner doesn't know the ID of the person, nor do I.

Any assistance would be appreciated. (Oddly, I noticed just now that the image, in the below digital enlargement, is not a photograph, or, if it is, the original photographic image has been altered, apparently around the time it was taken, to look like an engraving. Viewed from about 3 feet away, it looks like a photo!) It is even mounted on old heavy card stock, like a carte de visite, except about 4x5 inches in size.

Note the single star on his collar, which is hard to see, but it's there. (On closer inspection it looks like there might be a second star to the left of the other one, say at about 4 o'clock of the point of his chin, so to speak -- but after much staring I've concluded it's not a second star.)


Close-up of the collar, showing one star (or are there two?):

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