Restricted "Understanding the Lost Cause Myth" by The Cynical Historian

Feb 19, 2011
No, not me; I´m not cynical enough for that cynical name. The newest video on the (IMHO really good) youtube-channel The Cynical Historian which is young historian Joseph Hall-Patton, currently a PhD student at the UNM. He is not a dedicated civil war historian but has a wider scope on American history which also is the main focus of his channel (though not exclusively). It is not a purely academic product but a youtube video, so rather very educational entertainment and should be taken as that while everybody is free to disagree with his work. There is of course some personal opinion and valuation in it and it doesn´t come around (though rather briefly) the late 20th and early 21st centuries but without really going into modern politics. On the video´s page there are numerous crosslinks to (his own) related videos that further cover the topic of that respective part (with timecodes), quotations usually have direct footnotes within the video itself and the bibliography is pinned up the comments.

And for the records, I have no personal links to the channel and no monetary or commercial interest in it, just an interesting ACW-related video by a great channel.
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Sep 17, 2018
Well done video. Can't say as I agree with him entirely. What he states basically is anything written after 1865 is balderdash and made up. I have found two resources written between 1865 and 1870 which pretty much put his points of view off the rails. Not saying there isn't a modicum of truth to some of the statements. Many people have personal oponions I do not agree with. In some cases, the opinions are made from various perspectives at which we experienced the same events. All in all, I think this video is very misleading from the true "Lost Cause" (whatever that is beyond Southern Independence). Sorry it took so long to make a comment here.