Unclaimed Funds

Jan 6, 2013
Buford, Georgia
Baxter William C – Captain Sentell’s Company, Leyden’s, Artillery Battalion This company subsequently became Company B, 9th Battalion Georgia Artillery Age 24, Enlisted Atlanta, Ga. March 4, 1862 Under A. Leyden for 3 years or war. From March 4, to May 1, 1862 Present, May – June 1862 Present, May 20th 1862, Bounty Paid $50, Appears on a Register of effects on Deceased Soldiers turned over to Quartermasters, C.S.A Receipt Filed 1864, No. 6958 Amount $240.40, Appears on a Hospital Muster Roll of University hospital at Knoxville, Tennessee for May June 1863 present as a patient, Wife Rebecca Baxter pension husband never heard from after the war died in Morristown Tennessee in 1863 taken sick Enlisted 3 March 1862 Came Home on 23rd Day of November 1863 about 6 hours and went back to war he was on his way to Chickamauga A.J. Thompson Witness

William Baxter had the amount of 240.40 cents when he passed, no record of what, but Wife Rebecca had not received any such amount when asking for a pension. Currently we have unclaimed money all the time and websites to share how to get it. They donet have the resources we have today. Just as most states keep the unclaimed money I wonder what the Confederate Government did? Could the same be said for the U.S Government? For Widows and veterans the pension claims were difficult. Widows had to get a marriage certificate for proof and had to have a witness.

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