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Jul 23, 2017
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Ulysses S Grant's White Haven
A Place Where Extraordinary People Came to Live Ordinary Lives, 1796-1885
by Kimberly Scott Little
published by Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior (1993)

335 page pdf book can be found at the National Park Service History Electronic Library (here)

Table of Contents
Editorial Notes and Common Abbreviations
Chapter One
Chapter Two
The Pioneers on the Gravois
The Pre-History and Founding of St. Louis
The Origins of the Gravois Farm
The Fur Trader: James Mackay
The Virginians: William L. and Elizabeth Sappington Long
Sea and Land: Theodore Hunt and Anne Lucas Hunt
Chapter Three
"The Showplace of the Country": The Dents at White Haven 31
"Pretty Ellen Wrenshall and Her Brave Young Husband," Frederick Dent 31
A St. Louis Merchant 35
"My First Recollection": Growing Up at White Haven 37
Fighting 40
Chapter Four
From Point Pleasant to West Point:
The Childhood and Education of Ulysses S. Grant
Jesse and Hannah Grant's Son
An Ohio Boyhood
The Three R's
The United States Military Academy and U.S. Grant
Brevet Second Lieutenant Grant
Chapter Five
Love and War in Missouri and Mexico 65
Falling in Love with a Family, a Farm, and a Future Fiancee 66
Moving South 69
On the Gravois, Fighting for Julia 71
"In the Thickest of It All," Fighting for His Country 74
Double Victory: Mexico City and Julia 78
The Highs and Lows of Mexico: Grant Explores 81
Chapter Six
Battles in Peace 83
To Have and to Hold 83
Detroit, Michigan, and Sackett's Harbor, New York 85
Crossing the Isthmus: The Cholera Epidemic 88
"The Place Is Good Enough, But I Have Interests at Others" 90
Chapter Seven
The Grants by the Gravois:
The Civilian Years in St. Louis and Galena 99
The Paradox of Poverty and the Self-Made Man:
How Much Was U.S. Grant Worth in 1854? 100
Working at White Haven: A Family Venture 102
Working at White Haven: The Woodsman and the Farmer 103
Working at White Haven: The View from the Dents, the Neighbors,
the Grants, and the Barracks 105
On the Border of Kansas in 1854-55 108
Wish-ton-wish and Hardscrabble, 1855-1856 111
Politics on the Gravois: The Election of 1856 114
Back to White Haven 116
The Firm of Boggs and Grant: Real Estate, Bought and Sold 118
The County Engineership Application 122
The Firm of J.R. Grant, Galena, Illinois 124
Chapter Eight
The Civil War 149
April 1861 to February 19, 1862 150
Family Matters: A Husband and Father at War 156
Family Matters: Rebels and Gluttons 158
February 1862 to July 7, 1863 164
The "Peculiar Institution" and the Military 165
Family Interests 166
A Wife and Children at War 166
Business as Usual 167
July 1863 to March 2, 1864 171
Politics and Images 171
Highest Rank in the Army 176
Julia and the Children 179
March 1864 to April 26, 1865 180
The Surrender 186
The Assassination 189
A Home for the General's Family 191
The War in Review 196
Chapter Nine
The Power of Washington: The Peacetime Offices of War 205
The General of Peace 205
To Secretary of War Grant, From General Grant 212
Grant, the Emerging Politician 213
Houses and Homes 215
Family Matters 226
On to the White House 229
Chapter Ten
President Ulysses S. Grant 231
The Inauguration 231
Questions of Qualifications and Character:
Grant's Cabinet and Other Appointments 232
Reconstruction and Civil Rights 238
Native Americans 241
Women's Rights 243
Santo Domingo 244
Peace 'with Great Britain 245
In the Black, Black Friday, and Barroom Bankrollers:
Fiscal and Monetary Issues 247
Education and Other Domestic Issues
A Reassessment of Leadership
The First Family of the White House
From Washington to St. Louis and the World
Chapter Eleven
"The Light of His Glorious Fame": The Last Days of Mr. Grant 263
The World Tour 263
The Return: To the West Coast and To Choose a Home 269
The Grant and Ward Failure 272
Chapter Twelve
White Haven into the Twentieth Century 277
Chapter Thirteen
White Haven, American History, and Ulysses S. Grant 281
Appendix: 303
Bibliography: 309
Index: 327

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Jun 27, 2017
Southeast Missouri
I know this area very well. The Dents owned most of the land in that general area, including White Haven. My best friend ever lived right against the original location of Grant's Farm. It is marked and lies at the head of a cemetery. He lived in the area of White Haven. His title went back to when Grant owned the farm. it was a pretty neat area to be in, and the kicker was how much land the Dents and Grant owned. It was a big land area. The Hawken Brothers Gun Shop and house was not too far away from there. Thank you for posting this @SWMODave.

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