Discussion Two problems for the Confederacy:


Lt. Colonel
Apr 4, 2017
Denver, CO
1. The sharp division they wanted between north and south did not exist in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio on the one hand, and Kentucky and Tennessee on the other hand. They were the same people, related by family, practicing the same hog/corn agriculture that combined European hogs with Indian corn. https://etc.usf.edu/maps/pages/100/158/158.htm Getting Kentucky to secede, and maintaining secession in Tennessee was going to be difficult.
2. The sugar and tobacco plantations wanted to protect slavery, but they did not want to be out of the US. https://i.redd.it/9jj8o5y83qfz.png These maps, posted by Redit and prepared by Patrick Rael of Maine show that in the important areas of what was intended to be the Confederacy, returning to US rule, was not a negative event.