"Two little lads ... daily visited our camp"

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Aug 27, 2011
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In June, 1901, a resident of Goldsboro, North Carolina named George S. Crabtree, received an unexpected letter, postmarked Framingham, Massachusetts, that brought back a barely recalled acquaintance of his youth.

[Goldsboro Daily Argus, 28 June, 1901]​
The writer, A. B. Corney, was actually Albert B. Comey, who had enlisted in the 5th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia on September 6, 1862.This was second of the 5th regiment's three periods of mobilization. The first was 90 days in 1861, when they took part in the first Battle of Bull Run; the third would be for 100 days in July 1864, in response to Early's approach to Washington, when they garrisoned Ft. McHenry and Ft. Marshall.

During private Comey's 9 months 1862/3 enlistment in North Carolina, the 5th saw action in the battles of Kingston, Whitehall, and Goldsboro; and took part in two expeditions for the relief of Washington, N. C., which was besieged by the Confederates. Albert B. Comey was back home, and discharged July 2, 1863.
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