Limited Two-dozen plead: Leave Confederate monument as-is


Brigadier General
Jan 12, 2016
South Carolina
I'm glad to hear there are people out there in North Carolina, including family of the soldiers memorialized, defending their local monument.

Perquimans commissioners took no action Monday on a study panel’s recommendations about the future of the Confederate monument after two dozen residents urged the board to leave the monument as it is.​
The two recommendations from the monument “working group” were to add interpretive signage around the monument and approach the private owners of a monument to Union soldiers on King Street about relocating it to the courthouse lawn, where the monument to Confederate soldiers is located.​
But the overwhelming majority of those addressing commissioners during a public hearing Monday favored neither option.​
Brenda Huddleston, who said her great-great-grandfather served in the Union Army, told commissioners she had thought “long and hard” about the panel’s recommendations.​
“I do not wish to discount the feelings of anyone on either side of this debate, but I must strongly disagree with placing signage around the monument,” Huddleston said. “I do not want us to disparage its true purpose: a marker for the Confederate war dead.”​