Trolls and the proper forum etiquette


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Aug 17, 2011
Birmingham, Alabama
One of the ironies of this forum is that trolling in and of itself is not a direct violation of the rules, but calling another poster a troll can be.

First be polite and decline to call another poster a troll on thread. Remember your friendly neighborhood moderator is available to file a report to or PM a complaint. The odds are good that the moderators have already noticed the nascent troll before anyone else, have alerted the site staff in the moderator threads and are considering options including counseling with the alleged troll. Moderators cannot ban trolls, that is the domain of the site owner. The banning process is a long process with multiple warnings and appeals.

What can be done in the short term by the average poster? First.

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If a poster feels another poster is a troll please do not respond to them and do not call them a troll on thread. If you know they are a troll, you should know not to respond to them and not to call them a troll in the treads. However a Don't Feed the Troll post without reference to a specific poster is safe

In short, don't respond to trolls. Ignore them. Report the post as trolling and/or PM a moderator.

Thank you for your kind attention.