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Apr 1, 1999
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I’ve been getting complaints about trivia from a few of the same people that always disregard my rule in complaints.

Do not complain to me, do not complain to Hoosier. We are doing our best.

If you feel you must complain, let me remind you, do not complain to me. Do not complain to Hoosier.

If you still must complain, go a head type out your complaint, get it all out if your system and then hit the cancel button.

I have enough on my plate between daily operations of this website, 3 kids, the homework that comes with said kids, activities for the kids, running a cub scout meeting every week, laundry, dishes, cooking. Oh yeah, not to mention the stress of how to pay the bills since my husband is currently unemployed.

I don’t want to see your complaints. I don’t want Hoosier telling me people are jumping down his throat. I will put ban restrictions in for the trivia game if the complaints continue.

Neither Hoosier or myself are your sounding boards, if you don’t like a question, don’t answer, if you don’t like the answer I have been provided wait for Hoosiers ruling. If you don’t like Hoosiers ruling, oh well, it’s just a game.

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Jul 30, 2018
@ami , you are doing a great job with running the game. People should be grateful it's running at all. If not for your timely announcements that you're running short on questions again and people coming up with new questions, the game would have already died.

And I find @hoosier is a great judge and often lenient and generous in his final ruling. I myself have profited from it several times in the three months I've been playing trivia, and so have probably many others over the years.

Whether right or wrong answer I always enjoy and learn something new from the game.
Couldn't have said it any better! :thumbsup: Even if you didn't score the points, you nonetheless gained new knowledge and broadened your horizon, and that IMO is more valuable.
Feb 20, 2005
Sarlat, France
I readily admit, I am one of the "culprits". Though by no means complaining, I did point out to Hoosier that
the question of 10/12/2018 "Graduation" could be interpreted in more ways than one - as also a few of my
co-players thought. I think, we should all try to submit questions that don't leave too much room for
interpretation i.e. "On what day in July 1863 was Pickett's Charge?" :wink:. It would make the unenviable task of our
"Solomon" much easier and there would be - no/fewer? - complaints....
I also want to thank @ami and @hoosier for dedicating so much time to the trivia game!

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