Tour Stops 1 & 3, Kennesaw Mountain NBP, Georgia

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I've previously created a thread depicting my recent visit to Tour Stop 2 - the Union 24-Gun Battery at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park on the way to our October CWT Gathering at Chickamauga/Ringgold: Here to accompany it are views of Tour stops 1 & 3 along the Confederate defense line atop the mountain above and along the adjacent spur known as Pigeon Hill.


Tour Stop 1 - Kennesaw Mountain

The drawing by Confederate veteran A. C. Redwood reproduced on the sign above shows the laborious process necessary to emplace guns on the twin peaks of Big and Little Kennesaw Mountain: the prolongue ropes usually wound on the trails of each gun were attached to the lunettes on the base of the trail to enable them to be manhandled into position up the steep and rocky sides of the eminences which were impracticable for horses.


These original twelve-pounder Napoleons on reproduction iron carriages (much in need of attention and fresh paint!) are each placed within their own gun pit along the slope leading to the summit of Big Kennesaw.



Due to the elevation here, other than dueling with Union guns in the 24-gun Battery opposite, this position was never assailed during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, although infantry positions nearer the base received a feint attack during the June 27 assault.


Tour Stop 3 - Pigeon Hill

The Confederate positions at nearby Pigeon Hill were a target of the Union attack on June 27, and although Federal troops climbed the slope and got fairly near they were halted by the stubborn defense. The sign above is located at the parking area in the gap at which the Federal attack aimed; their lines extended on both sides of the road.


Original trenches remain here and it was from the spot above that photographer George Barnard took the photo on the interpretive sign. Below, the position of a Confederate battery in middle distance.


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