Featured Top Civil War Books of All Time Voting Thread - VOTE NOW!

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Apr 1, 1999
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Are you ready to Rumble!​

By now I'm sure almost everyone (except for Steve who is officially barred from looking at the new Bookshop, yeah I'm looking at you Steve!) has seen the brand new:

But.... I've got a problem. I just created a new category today called Must Read Books and I'm not convinced that I picked the right books. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I'm going to let you decide which books get to stay, and which books must go!

What I'm going to do is list each book, one book per post below, and I want you to do one of two things to vote for each post...
  • Click LIKE if you Want the Book to Stay in the List
  • Click DISLIKE if you want the Book to Leave the list
Any other reactions will be ignored!

Hover your MOUSE over the Like Link and you can Choose the Blue LIKE or Red DISLIKE!

Once I've posted every book I will open the thread for discussion, and you can tell me what books I forgot that need to be added to the Bookshop List!

So that's it! In no particular order, here are the books to vote on:
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