Today’s Hunt

Nov 1, 2018
The kewl. Is it still as tangled and gnarly and impenetrable as it was during the War of Northern Aggression? You might come back with some bones as "relics".

What would be the nearest town where you are relic hunting? Curious to look it up on a map (and dream).
Jul 19, 2016
Spotsylvania Virginia
Parts of the Wilderness is as 1864; of the approximately 9 sq. Miles of actual battlefield, about 4 Sq miles are houses- many in the upper 800k price range.
Relic hunting in NPS owned property is prohibited. But I did find an ankle bone with a pistol shot embedded in it near a Civil War field hospital near Spotsylvania Courthouse several years ago. It is in the formally named Museum of the Confederacy ( now The National Civil War Museum). The bone has surgery saw marks in it. A friend’s Dad also found an ankle bone with a bayonet stuck through it. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to have the museum return the ankle bone I found, after it was “loaned “ to them without my consent.
There is no “nearest town” where I relic hunt. Generally the entire Fredericksburg and Tappahannock area which includes Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, Louisa, King and Queen and Essex counties.