Time Out In Huntsville, General Logan's Unlikely Ball

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Feb 14, 2012
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From Harper's Weekly, a deceptively peaceful military occupation of Huntsville, Alabama during General Logan's tenure, snip from the larger image below.

ball alab log hq.JPG

Beset by gunboats, skirted by Sherman's Army, new home to Union troops making uneasy peace during war. What you have to love are the ' war correspondents ', microphone in hand, sending human interest stories home.

We hear of wonderful, chandelier lit balls elsewhere in the war. Harper's took the time to bring readers one, small delightful evening in Huntsville, Alabama. The Virginia Reel? Danced 7 times. Why is this tiny ball worthy of a thread? Harpers felt it worthy of an article- and illustrations. Time out from war, that's why. Privates and officers attended- we never hear that. What a great night.

You have to love this stuff.

ball ala text.JPG

ball ala.JPG

No gala ball dress? It's pretty, not ' fine '. This was fun night and a break from bombardments, marching, tents and hardtack. And the women? Please do not tell me Union women traveled all the way to Alabama. No traitorous females here, just girls, dancing in the middle of a war.

ball alabm big.jpg

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Wounded men, pretty girls, a night off from war.

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1821, Hathitrust, The Virginia Reel was awfully popular- and perhaps called for again and again and again because it was just, plain fun.

ball ala news.JPG

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

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It was just, plain lovely to get away , once in awhile, something lovely in all the awful. Thank you, Harper's Weekly.


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