Time Capsule Yields Buttons From R.E. Lee's Coat, A Strand of Traveller's Hair...


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Aug 8, 2011
Gettysburg area
I can guarantee you those buttons were NOT from Gen Robert E lee's uniform.

You would certainly know more than I, @ucvrelics, and also, it appears, more than some of the conservators, if they're the ones who claimed the two buttons were from Lee's coat. The report also refers to an 1894 Charlotte newspaper article that lists the contents of the time capsule and provides a link. That article identifies one of the buttons as being from "the coat of a cadet of the Hillsboro Academy, killed near the end of the war near Goldsboro" and cites a source for the one said to be from Lee's coat. It says the Lee button was provided by Miss Margaret Cameron (Mrs. R.B. Peebles) and was "cut from the dress coat of Gen. Lee, by Mrs. Lee, and given by her to Miss Cameron." Miss Cameron also provided the strand of Traveller's hair, as well as a lock of Lee's hair, said to have been cut in the tent of General Pettigrew. Both of these were given her, along with Lee's autograph, by a Lt. Walker Anderson of General Cook's staff.

It's quite an interesting list of souvenirs, and considering that the box was reportedly damaged by the elements over the years, I wonder how many of these items are still identifiable at all. The Gettysburg stone, at least, should still be intact. But based on its description, I'd wonder about its authenticity too: "A piece of the stone that covers the spring at Devil's Din, Round Knob, Gettysburg, from which wounded soldiers of both armies got water after the battle."