US Con -Thomson, John Renshaw - U.S. Senator, NJ

John Renshaw Thomson:
Born: September 25, 1800

Birthplace: Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Father: Edward Thomson 1776 – 1853
Mother: Ann Renshaw 1773 – 1842

1st Wife:
Annis Stockton 1804 – 1842
(Buried: Princeton Cemetery Princeton New Jersey)
2nd Wife: Josephine Antionette Ward 1820 – 1906
(Buried: Princeton Cemetery Princeton New Jersey)

Abigail Thomson

Political Party: Democratic Party


Attended College of New Jersey

Occupation before War:
Merchant in Canton China
1823 – 1825: United States Counsel at Canton China
Returned to the United States Settling in Princeton New Jersey
Director and Secretary of Delaware & Raritan Canal Company
President and Treasurer for Philadelphia & Trenton Railroad Company
1844: Member of New Jersey State Constitutional Convention
1844: Unsuccessful Democratic Candidate for Governor of New Jersey
1853 – 1862: United States Senator from New Jersey

1853 – 1857: Member of Senate Public Buildings Committee
1855 – 1859: Member of Senate Pensions Committee
1859 – 1861: Chairman of Senate Pensions Committee

Civil War Career:
1853 – 1862: United States Senator from New Jersey

Died: September 12, 1862
Place of Death: Princeton New Jersey
Age at time of Death: 61 years old
Burial Place: Princeton Cemetery Princeton New Jersey
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He was elected as U.S. Senator to fill the vacancy created by his brother-in-law's resignation. The brother-in-law was Robert F. Stockton. Thomson held this Senate seat from March 4, 1853 until September 12, 1862.Stockton resigned to serve as president of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Company.